Our Story

Inspiration for our name came from like-minded ladies of the old west, who refused to let society dictate their lifestyle. There are a few well known female gunslingers, but we chose Pearl Hart who, after being arrested, told the court that she refused to be judged by a law that she wasn’t allowed to have an opinion about. We can only assume that there were many more who stood with her.

Our goal here is not to belittle or overtake the male gender, but simply to magnify, and emulate the hard working ladies who didn’t let society’s expectations stand in the way of their goals. We have been overlooked and shamed far too long, for not being “ladylike” enough.

So if you enjoy what you do, and it happens to be a bit uncommon, then you should join us in this renegade of determined individuals who are hell bent on resisting the invalid assumptions that we belong to a predetermined type of occupation.